Initial Interview For PMA Long Course past Experience

Initial Interview For PMA Long Course

What is your name?


Are you fine?

Yes Sir

What is your family background?


Now introduce yourself.


Explain Moral values, where from these comes, 

Explained with examples?

Told according to me.

What is culture?


Ok. Why you want to join Army.

Told According to me.

Finland capital

Said sorry don’t know.

Capital of Norway.


Currency of Norway

Told but wrong.

Why Sukkure Barrage is famous.


What is parallel line?

Said sorry.

What is yellow journalism


What is sima deputation.


What is genova Convention


Now you may leave and good luck

Bus yahi question kiya thy


PMA initial interview question

Interview experience 2

Knock the door said May i come in 

Lt.col said come in Gentrl man 

Me go inside stand right side of the chair and said. 


Lt.col and major said walikum salam 

Me get permission to sit 

Lt.col said yes 

Me sit on chair 

Lt.col said Gc whats your name 

Me told 

Lt.col asked about my qualification 

Me told 

Lt.col asked about my father and family 

Me told 

Lt.col questioned about my Gf 

Me told 

Lt.col whats your father do 

Me told

Lt.col asked mojar to question me 

Major asked me to tell me about my hobbies and 

about my brothers 

Me told 

Lt.col why do you want to join pak army 

Me told 

Lt.col question me do you ever watched restricted 


Me told

Lt.col do you tell lie 

Me told 

Lt .col 5 questions about Gk

Me said I don’t know 

Lt.col said improve your gk and said me gentle 

man you may go now 

Me said thank u sir stand up from chair leave from 

left side and said Salam alaikum again and leave 

the room .

At the end i want to say that be natural speak 

Truth and be confident .pray for me for next stage 

.Best of luck 

Initial interview question for Pak Army

Interview Experience

ME: may i come in sir !

Interviewer: yes come in

Me: (entered into the room and walked gently towards 

the chair)

interviewer : bejh jaye 

Me: thankyou sir 

Interviewer: introduce yourself

Me: told

Interviewer :

Balochistan ki 5 cities k naam batao

Me: (sirf ek hi ata tha quetta wo bol dia ahe kaha sorry sir 

nahi ata with confidence)

Interviewer: thorda soocho kia pata apko ata ho 

Me: thorda soocha tu chaman gwadar aur sibbi b zehan 

main agaye phir maine bol dia 

Interviewer: dekha ap k 1 poont se 4 points ban gaye 

Me: smiled

Interviewer:abottabad kis province main ata hae 

Me:sir kpk main 

Interviewer: kpk ki koi si 5 cities k naam bata do 

Me: told 

Interviewer: islamabad kis province main ata hae 

Me: confuse hogaya aur bol dia punjab main

Interviewer: yar ap tu bohot bardy nalayak ho apko yeh b 

nahi pata (he was acctually putting stress on me and was 

checking whether i will hypeout or not)

Me: smiled with confidence (maintained eye contact with 

him q k zaida tar log neechy dekh lete hae aisi situation 

main which is totally wrong)

Interviewer : africa continent ki 5 countries k naam bata 


Me: south africa ( nervous hogaya tha air baki countries 

zehan main nahi arahi thi lakin unhe show nahi kia k main 

nervous ho)

Interviewer: baki 4 aur batao

Me : sorry sir nahi ata

Interviewer: soocho un countries ki cricket teams b hae 

Me : sorry sir nahi ata (maintained eye contact)

Interviwer: Zimbabwe kenya aur somalia yeh sub 

Africa main ati hae 

( is k alawa b questions poochy thy like senate main totals 

seats national assembly main total seats ; minorities ki 

kitni seats hae aur womens ki kitni hae 

Cm balochistan

Governer kpk

Minister law

Minister health

Minister defence

Minister anti narcotics 

Minister religious affairs

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